Robbie Sinclair
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5 Top Tips to stay breezy on-board

19.01.18 | Robert Sinclair

We’ve all been there, you get on that flight thinking you have it covered. You think you have everything you need in that little cotton toiletry bag provided by the airline. Those little yellow foam ear plugs that don’t stay in your ears, or that eye mask that makes your eyes itch more than a high pollen count in spring. I have learnt the hard way after years of airport lounges and long-haul flights. So, to help you enjoy your flight a little bit more, I’ve pulled together my top 5 long haul self-care essentials.

Hylamide, Hydra-Density Mist £15
At times, airplanes can be dryer than the Sahara. The air can be stifling and it can make you feel drained. Hydrating mists are a god send and I never get on a flight without one. This product really packs a punch and uses green tea to soothe the skin and pepperberry to reduce redness, helping to leave skin feeling calm and looking rested. This bottle comes in 120ml so I decant it into a smaller 100ml spray bottle to make sure it can go in my hand luggage

Dr Jart+, Vital Hydra Solution sheet mask £5.50
I usually put one of these masks on when I’m half way through my flight. Aircon is a wonderful thing, but when you’re stuck on a plane for 14 hours it can dry you out. You may get a few funny looks, but this single use mask will breathe a bit of life back into your face.

Nurse Jamie, Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow £64
I know you get a pillow on the flight but sometimes in life you need a bit of luxury. Use the airline pillow for your lower back and give your neck and face a silky cuddle. The removable, washable satin cover contains a memory foam u-shape pillow. This conforms to your neck and lumber muscles to keep your face looking smooth and neck feeling supported.

PressIt Travel Size Perfume Atomiser £5.99
Sitting in the same seat for almost a day can leave you feeling like a bit of a zombie. I slip one of these mini sprays into my hand luggage to help me feel like myself again. Just fill it up with some of your favourite scent and give yourself a little spritz on-board. This will make you feel fresh and keep body odour at bay.

SLIP, Pure Silk Sleep Mask £45
You may have already paid excess baggage for your check in luggage, you certainly don’t need eye bags too! Scratchy on-board eye masks let in the light and are as stiff as a board. This mulberry silk sleep mask comes in an array of luxurious colours and is slightly padded to keep those eyes looking dazzling.