Food & Wine Events in Italy

Food & Wine Events in Italy

13.04.17 | Kirsty

During Spring and Summer Italy abounds with food and wine festivals, fairs, and celebrations.  Here is a selection of some of the major ones:

FRITTO MISTO in Ascoli Piceno, Le Marche
22 April – 1 May 2017
This event celebrate all things “fried” and typically regional such as : Marche’s  “olive ascolane” (giant green olives filled with meat and deep fried), Sicily’s “arancini” (rice balls filled with meats or peas), Neapolitan “cannoli” (sweet conical cakes filled with ricotta), “frittura di pesce” (lightly fried mixed fish) and much more. A truly mouthwatering offering.

14 May 2017
Camogli (Genoa)
In the natural, picturesque, and exclusive setting of the small square of the port, the largest frying pan in the world will fry fish for guests and tourists alike, during the most typical Ligurian feast: the Sagra del Pesce. Born in 1952, this classical festival is linked to the centuries-old festival of San Fortunato, patron of the fishermen. The religious celebration takes place on the evening of its eve with bonfires: the people of Camogli, from the two districts of Porto and Pinetto, build proper, large scale sculptures, using waste material; they challenge one another in terms of creativity and beauty, on the two sides of the beach.

PRIMAVERA DEL PROSECCO, Prosecco’s Spring in Treviso and surrounding areas
Until  11 June 2017
Treviso, Valdobbiadene, Conegliano, Cartizze
This exciting annual event takes place in the heart of the Prosecco wine area and will lead the visitors in a journey of discovery of all aspects of this delicious wine production process. Special packages are on offer which would include stay in hotels, agriturismi and B&Bs of the area, restaurants and visit to wineries. Special events such as shows, exhibitions and visits to historic villas of the area have also been organized.

SLOW FISH, in Genoa
11-14 May 2017
This international show completely dedicated to the fish world and its problems is organized by Slow Food and the Regione Liguria. It deals with matters concerning sustainable fish production and responsible consumption with regard to the sea and the aquatic ecosystems through conferences, meetings, workshops and tastings.

A NIVARATA, Sicilian granita festival
Acireale, Sicily
2-4 June 2017
Three days dedicated to Sicilian ice cream as well as to the promotion of Sicilian top agricultural and food sector and natural ingredients. Nivarata is a great line-up of events: conferences, live food shows, workshops, handicraft, panel discussions, exhibitions, art displays and special guests. Acireale will host master gelato makers and food professionals coming from all across Italy and even from Great Britain. A real feast of tastes devoted to Sicily.

Nemi, Rome
4 June 2017
Nemi is quaint medieval town of the Castelli Romani, 20 Km south of Rome perched on a hill overlooking the small volcanic lake of Nemi. It is famous for its wild strawberries, small, sweet and with a distinctive flavour. Every year since 1922 Nemi hosts the Sagra della Fragola (strawberry festival) when women dressed in the typical rustic costume sell and offer the visitors the precious fruit served in many imaginative ways, with fresh cream or ice-cream, in pancakes, in milk-shakes and liqueurs and you can also buy a piece of jewelry in the form of a strawberry pendant made by hand by the local goldsmiths.

INYCON Wine Festival in Menfi
23-25 June 2017
Menfi, near Agrigento in Sicily
Inycon is the oldest wine festival in Sicily. This weekend in June you can participate to wine tastings, wine exhibitions and workshops, music events, cooking shows and taste delicious Sicilian food in the historic town of Menfi near Agrigento.

24 – 25 June 2017
San Daniele del Friuli
Two days full of tasting experiences, music, events and performances in San Daniele del Friuli, during which you can discover this magical place with its unique prosciutto and superb wines.

24 June – 2 July 2017
The desire to seek out new tastes is created in Forlimpopoli – the hometown of ‘the father of Italian cuisine’ Pellegrino Artusi – every second-last Saturday of June for nine consecutive days during the Artusi Celebration. The programme is vast and gives visitors the opportunity to explore their own palates, or to dare trying an unknown dish. The festival features workshops, tastings and talks on food culture. However, the festival is not just about eating – it is also a time to reflect upon the cultural, social and economic role of food in the company of scholars, enthusiasts and academics.

Trapani, Sicily
26-30 July 2017
A festival of street food that shines the light of the old markets, a concentration of flavours, smells, colours, voices, each year, overwhelms the old town of Trapani. This and much more is Stragusto, the event celebrating the street food of the Mediterranean, held in the Fish Market square,  strikingly beautiful and unique. Many are the specialties that characterize the gourmet itinerary of the event: panelle, arancine, sfincioni, rascadura, focacce, panini cà meusa, dolci, typical trapanese food and more.

Crema, Lombardy
11-16 August 2017
The town of Crema is truly proud of its “Tortelli” , so distinctive in flavour, its filling made with amaretti biscuits, breadcrumbs, nutmeg, candied fruits, egg yolk and parmesan cheese. Every year in August Crema invites you to taste this speciality for lunch or dinner in its restaurants and stalls together with other local specialities such as Salva cheese and Spongarda cake, and in the evening be entertained by open air concerts too.

Every region in Italy, various locations
3-14 August 2017
This event, organized by the Movimento Turismo del Vino is their most important summer event and is held between 3 and 14 August and on the night between 9 and 10 August under the shooting stars in the most beautiful wine-producing locations in Italy. Wine tastings are organized by sommeliers’ associations of the region to inform and help the visitors to appreciate the local wines.

Cortona, Tuscany
14-15 August 2017
Thousands of Chanina (typical breed of this part of Tuscany) beef steaks are grilled on a 14sqm grill in the centre of the medieval town of Cortona in Tuscany. Local wines and other delicacies are on offer to the visitors.

La Morra, Langhe area
27 August 2017
A festival not to be missed! Mangialonga is a non-competitive walk in the wonderful hills and vineyards of La Morra, in the renowned wine producing area of the Langhe in Piedmont.
The Mangialonga is a festive and gourmet appointment to join friends and taste the typical products of the Langhe and prestige wines. The 4km trail crosses beautiful landscapes which combine with local culinary delicacies to make it a unique event with people coming from all over the world.

Fano, Marche
7-10 Sept. 2017
For fish lovers the Festival of “brodetto” and fish soups is a not-to-be-missed event, where in an “International Competition of  Brodetto” , well known chefs from all over Italy and abroad  will discuss about  culinary themes and in particular special recipes for fish stews and soups.  This all happens in the city of Fano (ancient and noble Fanum Fortunae), an enchanting seaside resort and a marina, with an old town center rich in art of different eras: Roman, Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque.

Asti, Piedmont
8-17 September 2017
Food and Wine Fair in the lovely Piedmont town of Asti, famous for its “spumante” wine, offers a rich calendar of events, tastings and cultural shows.

Senigallia, Marche
Second half of September 2017 (dates tbc)
The old town centre of Senigallia will host an event involving the flavours, the fragrances, the history and the tradition of making bread. Bread will be made in the open air: you’ll have the possibility to taste different types of bread and to learn the techniques to make it.

COUS COUS FEST in San Vito lo Capo, Sicily
San Vito lo Capo, Trapani, Sicily
15-24 September 2017

San Vito lo Capo, stunning seaside location in western Sicily has been hosting this event since 1998, and it has been an enormous success, a celebration of food and cultural integration. Chefs from all over Sicily, Italy and other countries on the Mediterranean come to San Vito to participate to the competition that celebrates the best and most creative cous cous dish. Every evening there will be a show with music, dance, songs and tastings of delicious cous cous.

CHEESE – SLOW FOOD MOVEMENT (biennial Festival)
Bra, Piedmont
15-18 September 2017
An international reference point for dairy artisans and cheese enthusiasts from around the world, Cheese puts the spotlight on the diversity of artisanal production and helps to keep it alive by telling the unique stories behind each product – the people, breeds, territories and production processes. In particular, activities organized by the Slow Food Foundation of Biodiversity allowed to sensitize the public towards the essential role played by the soil and the feeding of the animals in the quality and diversity of milks and cheeses.

Parma, Langhirano and all the towns of Parma ham production area.
September 2017 (dates tbc)
Festival del Proscuitto di Parma, the festival of that well known ham is held in the city with the same name. Each year this annual celebration brings over 100,000 visitors to the area, who then indulge in consuming more than 1,000 different types of ham. One of the main attractions of the festival is the “Open Doors” tradition of the ham factories, which offers visitors a unique chance to discover that the 10 million Parma Hams produced each year by the 164 companies of the Parma Ham Consortium, are still made today like they were two thousand years ago, using only two ingredients: the prized Italian pig leg and a pinch of sea salt.

Franciacorta (near Brescia)
16-17 September 2017
The Franciacorta Festival is a great opportunity to taste this renowned sparkling wine in the area where it is produced: see, smell, taste and drink it! You can also take excursions with agricultural and wine experts, Nordic walks in the wetlands or evening hikes, and naturally taste the local cuisine and products: robiola cheese, luganega, salami, honey, pike from Lake Iseo, casoncelli pasta etc.

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