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Switzerland 2015 316 (51)

Name:  Mr Hume

Destination:  Switzerland

Switzerland 2015 316 (50)

I cannot remember how many RB holidays we have had in different parts of the world but everyone has given us the same excellent service, attention to detail and strong support.

Check the location where you are staying to ascertain restaurants nearby. If you are not sure then go half board which we did for 3 out of 4. The only one without half board was in Zurich but there were loads of eateries nearby! We found the same last year in Verona. If you are going to Geissbach the Grand Hotel certainly live sup to its name and is in an amazing location. The problem there if you are not planning to dine there then you have a big problem!! In Zermatt the Romantic Julen was superb with the whole Julen family very attentive!