Meet the Team: Rebecca

7.10.19 | Rebecca

We meet RB Collections latest travel specialist, Rebecca Swain…

With a wealth of travel experience spanning the globe including a year in Australia and visits to Cambodia, Thailand, South Africa, Italy, Lapland, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Florida, Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain and Bali – we are excited to welcome Rebecca to the team.

Where have your travels taken you around the world?
I have visited much of Europe with both ski and sun holidays as well as working/living in Italy for nine months as an Au Pair. With France, I have experienced gorgeous sun holidays in the south, ski holidays in the Alps and visited Disney five times! I have spent many lovely weeks in Spain & Portugal over the years and visited many of the Greek islands, my favourite being Ithaca. I worked as an Elf in Lapland and travelled the majority of Italy, including Sardinia. Switzerland and Austria have also been stunning locations where I have had winter holidays. I was fortunate to visit Disney Orlando with my family and also Cape Town.

As soon as I turned eighteen, I went back to South Africa and volunteered at a local school in the Western Cape. It was an incredibly humbling experience. After that I taught English in Thailand and travelled around Cambodia. I have also travelled down the East Coast of Australia and around the island of Bali.

What was the most memorable holiday experience and why?
My most memorable holiday experience has to be watching the Aurora Borealis dance across the sky just before Christmas. I was lucky enough to see the lights many time but this one particular evening the colours and movements truly took my breath away. Instead of the usual green there was pinks and yellows that would dip down towards where we were standing. Our accommodation was not near any artificial lights so we got to witness the polar lights in the best of conditions.

northern lights, icelandWhat inspired you to work in travel?
My personality is one of exploring. When I was eighteen years old I had the choice of attending the Institute Of The Arts Barcelona for four years or starting a full time job and I chose the latter. I visited a few universities but it wasn’t for me. After ‘backpacking’, working and volunteering abroad, I couldn’t imagine my life without travel. It has become a passion of mine to help people make those incredible memories that I have been so privileged to experience. Following my vocation doesn’t feel like a job to me.

Where is your dream destination and why?
My dream destination is Antarctica. I once met a very old man in Italy called Gino, he had travelled all over the world, and he said to me, ‘I was convinced the sky was going to fall down, there was so many stars that were so big, I had never seen anything like it’ and ever since then it has become a dream of mine to see it for myself. I adore winter, the ice, snow, winter animals, even wrapping up in a big snow suit and Antarctica is the ultimate winter lover’s destination.

Why did you chose to work at RB Collection / what makes it different to other travel companies?
Previously, I worked for a large travel organisation, which was good, however RB has the attention to detail, a great working environment and a family feel. My father has a family business therefore it is an environment I am familiar with and excel in. RB Collection can offer that tailored package which gives yourself a real sense of achievement and happiness when you have over delivered a customers’ expectations. RB Collection have no limit on the experiences that they can offer worldwide.

What are you most proud of with the service you offer at RB Collection?
I’m quite new to RB Collection, however, returning clients and established quality delivery is something you pick up on immediately, it’s a ‘responsibility to deliver’ that RB Collection take very seriously and it stands us out from the crowd in my opinion.

Rome, ItalyWhere are you flying to next?
My next flight is to Rome. I am taking my entire family to show them the beautiful country which I had the pleasure of living in. After a couple of nights in the city we will be driving to Pescara, via the stunning Tivoli, to stop at the modern Casa Oliveto.

What is your top tip travel tip?
My top travel tip is to do your homework and not leave anything to chance.

Rebecca’s latest travels took her to lesser known areas of Italy, outside Rome – stay tuned for more updates on our social media channels and here on our blog.


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