Speaking up for travel…

22.06.21 | Oliver & Nathan

We fully back and support the travel industry’s Day of Action taking place tomorrow (23rd June 2021). As part of this campaign, we recently wrote to our local MP Michael Fabricant to urgently request he gets onboard to support not only us, but our fellow travel companies in his constituency.

This is not the first time we have asked for help from Mr Fabricant and Lichfield District Council on behalf of our industry and we very much hope we will receive a positive response that can help save more jobs and protect livelihoods, the most affected by the pandemic according to the ONS (Office of National Statistics).

We understand travel needs to resume in a safe and sensible way. In the meantime, we seek understanding and a more organised approach from government to avoid all the confusion and damage the current policies are having.

There are indeed some more positive messages coming out regarding double vaccinated travellers being allowed to travel later in the summer with zero quarantine, however this needs to be arranged ASAP so the UK can make use of its amazing vaccination effort.

We very much hope government takes note of the industry’s plight and need for urgent assistance. We will continue to campaign on behalf of our own company and all our colleagues to raise awareness and we very much look forward to getting our industry back on track!

Oliver & Nathan
Joint Managing Directors