Samuel Cooper, RB Collection
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A Unique Career…

19.09.19 | Oliver

Hear from Sam about what is so different about working at RB…

‘When you work for RB, you are not a number or a statistic, but you are immediately made to feel like family. I have lots of support from the directors and colleagues to deliver the best experience for my client. With other travel companies, it’s all about getting a booking, giving them the tickets and let them go, Not at RB Collection. What we do here goes beyond the call of duty of any travel agent. We have a blueprint for quality, and it’s something you can’t just buy, but you can experience it with us. We are a fun team here at RB, we all have different personalities which compliments each other. Afterall, we are only human! The Directors really allow us to express ourselves, but the only thing I get told is I talk too much!’

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