Oliver Broad

Flying: The New Normal (Top 5 Airline Videos)

10.07.20 | Oliver

As flights re-commence, we take a look at some of the videos produced by various airlines around the world. They address many of the main concerns surrounding flying right now and showcase how airlines have worked hard to put your safety and comfort at the top fo the agenda.


We’ve selected our five favourites…


**WINNER** Etihad – Great visuals plus unique futuristic technology to reduce touch points

Etihad have produced a really detailed video showing the process through the airport which includes their unique health booths called ‘Fit to Fly’. The senior management team as well as crew and airport staff provide the commentary which is re-assuring showing confidence in their messages. I especially love the self-cleaning escalator handrails and the no-touch lift buttons! See for yourself…


Jet 2 – A thorough explanation from start to finish

I like the friendly, informative, detailed and re-assuring tone of this video from Jet 2. From the moment you enter the airport, to the moment you are welcomed and transported to your hotel, they’ve done a great job of explaining what to expect for all the family.


British Airways – Tugging on our heart strings with useful tips

An interesting behind the scenes look at how British Airways have been preparing to welcome customers onboard. There are plenty of practical tips and re-assuring messages here, mixed with a hint of emotion.


KLM – Myth-busting air quality onboard

Holland’s flag carrier has created a selection of videos, some focusing on the reasons why we travel in the first place, tugging on our heart strings with the aim of getting us excited about flying again. We’ve selected their specific clip focussing purely on air quality onboard. The video interestingly explains how the risk of contracting diseases is in fact much lower onboard an aircraft than in indoor environments.


Wizz Air – Say YES!

With less marketing budget than the likes of Etihad and other national carriers, Wizz have created a really positive and fun video covering the basics but also re-assuring video. The glass half full ‘Yes’ message stands out and helps them stand out from other budget carriers safety videos!


With many safety messages to communicate to travellers, it’s interesting to see how the different airlines vary their communications in their own style. Well done to all the above for helping make our lives easier to help re-assure clients about the new normal when flying around the world.