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Live from Gran Canaria…

22.04.21 | Oliver

Oliver is in Gran Canaria this week discovering new places & experiences for our clients but also checking up on Covid protocols in preparation for summer holidays to restart. Here’s a quick update from the island…

‘Like the other Canary Islands, tourism here has continued since last summer with most hotels and restaurants open. The majority of tourists at the moment are visiting from Spain (like me), France, Germany and a few other European countries who are enjoying early summer-sunshine. Everyone has tested negative before arrival and local businesses are well-prepared for what they hope will be an increase in visitors this summer.

I can describe the covid travel experience in one word…’clean!’ So much effort is going into reducing touch points and sanitising everything (and everyone) which put our mind at rest as we travel around the island.
Whilst everyone takes safety and hygiene very important, it has had little effect on the enjoyment of our trip.
We have focussed on exploring a different side to the island with the contrast of the historic capital Las Palmas with the stunning mountain vistas and hiking trails.

Driving all over the island is easy. It really is beautiful with flora and fauna everywhere! There is so much more here than just the beach resorts and with warm temperatures all-year-round it’s a great choice to book ahead for winter. We have visited before and never realised there was all this to see.

You have to wear masks when in close proximity to others like most places now, but not whilst at the pool, beach, swimming or of course enjoying a meal or a glass of Cava so it really doesn’t hinder.

I’ll put together a full report for our blog soon, in the meantime here are a few photos from our trip so far, I have taken so many so will share more soon.

If you have any questions about the island or what procedures are being put in place for travel right now feel free to use the comments below and I’ll be happy to answer them for you.

I’ll be back here soon with further updates.