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Portugal classified as green at last!

21.08.20 | Oliver

A favourite British holiday destination, Portugal is FINALLY open to holidaymakers and very much on sale…

Portugal has been ahead of most European destinations on the Covid-19 stakes for some time, having handled its regional spikes (mostly in non-tourist areas around Lisbon) arguably better than we’ve handled ours in the UK (around Leicester, Manchester and Birmingham).

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Key to Portugal’s tourism strategy has been Trust & Transparency – a document launched on 9th August, explaining that:

  • Portugal’s tests for Covid-19 (for locals and visitors alike) are in the top 10 for Europe, with 1.53M tests carried out as at 9 August
  • Portugal’s CLEAN & SAFE STAMP, launched in April, has more than 21,000 travel and tourism businesses signed up and approved to date, and over 22,000 people trained, read more here
  • Portugal’s beach app, launched in good time for beach openings on 6 June, indicates to visitors whether any beach is fully occupied or not, and points them to nearby options from the many hundreds of miles of pristine beaches along the stunning Portuguese coastline, from private little bays to 80 km long stretches of glorious white sand…
  • Portugal offers holidaymakers access to the same health system as that enjoyed by the Portuguese for the same price paid by locals – just €5 per day
  • Portugal’s tourism authorities have supported the launch of an insurance policy that offers Covid cover relevant to each of its visitor markets (55% of Portuguese visitors in a normal year are British) for just £35 pp

Portugal offers a mix of simple pleasures – uncrowded, endless Atlantic beaches and bays, wide-open, little-populated countryside, first-class food and some of the best wines in Europe (at some of the lowest prices in Europe), plus experiences such watersports and the Dark Skies over Lake Alqueva, the largest man-made lake in Europe, not to mention a modest joie de vivre and very friendly approach from its people.  It is quite addictive!

Autumn brings the grape harvests to a close – visit some of the wonderful wineries to see how Portuguese wines are produced (some still in Roman-style amphorae), and taste the bounty of the land along with local zesty olive oil, cured organic meats and home-made cheeses, not to mention many delectable desserts.  You’ll find freshly-picked walnuts in every little town market as Autumn progresses, with weather that’s still very warm and sunny but not as hot, thankfully, as it can be in the height of the summer months.

Portugal has been linked with the UK for centuries via ancient treaties – Portugal is our longest-standing ally, since 1147, and introduced tea to the Court of St James via Portuguese Princess Catherine of Braganza, who married our King Charles II in 1662.

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Browse examples of the hotels and holidays we offer to Portugal here.

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