Oliver Broad
ICE Hotel, Sweden

Tried and Tested: ICEHOTEL 365

10.10.17 | Oliver

For nearly 15 years we have operated the specialist website www.icehotels.co.uk, promoting holidays to the world-famous ICEHOTEL. It has been a fun venture for us and in true Swedish style there are always new and interesting developments. For example, you can now sleep on ice all year round; yes you read correctly! Enjoy the beautiful Swedish scenery in summer and autumn, a lovely time to combine the hotel with Sweden’s other famous and quirky property, the Tree Hotel.


Here is my ultimate guide to help you make the most of your trip.

ICEHOTEL 365 opened in November 2016 and experienced its first summer season this year. Built in typical Scandinavian style to make use of green solar power, the inside of the building is kept below zero so you can have the experience of sleeping on ice even in the summer. The building houses rooms built entirely of ice including beautiful Art Suites, the Ice Bar and larger Deluxe Suites with their own private bathroom, some with a sauna too! The real attraction to this year-round experience is seeing the area in a completely different light; literally we mean lots of light! TheMidnight Sun is a big attraction in June and July. As there is no snow on the roads it lends itself well to a driving holiday too, giving a little more freedom and time to witness the jaw-dropping scenery such as Lake Torneträsk and the River Torne itself where the ICEHOTEL is located.  There is also a great selection of summer & autumn activities such as river rafting, fishing, an adventure park, wilderness dinner and a local spa is also open all-year round to help relax and make the most of your time away.

Due to the location of the ICEHOTEL, the Northern Lights safaris begin at the end of August and into the autumn,  which means you are able to visit without the freezing snow.

There is no denying Sweden is not a cheap destination to visit. Visiting in the autumn offers excellent value for money with savings of up to 35% compared with the main winter season (mid December to April).

Some couples, groups or families are a little suspicious about the ‘sleeping on ice’ experience. In the past, I have booked the warm accommodation for the client in addition to the cold room. They then have the option to retreat back to the comfort of their chalet or hotel room should they wish.


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